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May 3, 2014 7:00am PDT
the pay $35,000 for the important it appears trip hillary clinton got more support for a presidential campaign that has not been officially announced. democratic senator of such a hill and joyce endorses she says the run. >> : speaking at a breakfast third democratic hurricane says that clinton say is a shows great for wanting to be president. none is not yet announced whether she will seek the nomination but she does believe democratic contenders can help the early polls. >> : >> : secretary of state john kerry says music star% to increase security and democracy for its people. he highlighted nigeria's of sedan somalia and spectral african republic ford sought stability and financial development. it is also calling for expansion on the area putting up teen- agers restored himself away. it is now returning home. but above the forecast only come back[doorbell rings] hey. hey. what's this? it's u-verse live tv. with at&t u-verse... you can watch live tv from your device. hey. hey. anywhere in your home. [doorbell rings] hey. hey. so you won't miss a minute of the game. call now to get a
May 2, 2014 8:00pm PDT
and back dramatically cooler in the end. clinton continues sunday monday but will start the warm slightly to the rest of next week. >> : and bay area couple getting started already of the devastating blow to that why they are hoping for your urgent for their generosity. >> : controversial took on her boss down sterling did you hear some of what she has said. >> : bulldog: you don't need superpowers to help someone. sometimes, all it takes is a warm heart and a cold nose. that's why mattress discounters good deed dogs is raising money to train service dogs for people with disabilities. i would never imagine a life without an assistance dog ever again. i relied on people a lot. he helps me live a more independent life. bulldog: we need your help to do more. give at, or any mattress discounters. mattress discounters good deed dogs helping dogs help people and today it entirely new type of a one-man band high- tech style. these pans offer the where to play and hear more than 100 types of musical instruments. this is really different tonight our tech reporter gabe i
May 2, 2014 5:00pm PDT
agrippa's clinton did not die for 43 minutes tuesday after being injected with a new combination of drugs. execution was disrupted. he began convulsing try to lift his head he says something is wrong. oklahoma authorities cut scribbling to review the problem. one reason the drugs were not taking effect the convicts veins had collapsed. the problem that and notice. the president is getting involved calling for our review of the death penalty nationwide. >> : a discuss with others to get an analysis of what steps have been taken not just in this particular instance but more broadly in this area. i think we do have to as a society as ourselves some difficult profound questions. u.s. world only a handful of countries that still carries out the death penalty penalty and criminals. the constitution and its cruel and unusual punishment for years the preferred method has been that weasel injection. to avert a form of cocktail of drugs. there's been a series of high-profile botched executions as a result of other problem short of what each of reliable drug trade >> : raising questions your word as
May 1, 2014 7:00am PDT
. given download. but he and clinton had a decent interest a 580 to the bay bridge toll pleasant to probably spend about hunting huntington and intending an investigation is underway this morning on what started a 3 alarm house fire in san jose. her a home on foxworthy ave near south bascom around 9- 25 as last night. when firefighters arrived they found a two story home engulfed in flames. crews initially had a hard time getting access to the house because of some obstruction in the yard. occupants got out safely. the fire destroyed more than half of the house and appears to have started in the back of the home near the deck. asno firefighters were injured battling the fire. firefighters in antioch quickly put out a grass fire overnight. this is a new picture of the scene from the contra costa zoos county fire department. it started just after midnight and burned three acres on james donlon boulevard near pintail drive. it took firefighters a half caught crashno one was injured and and you can see behind me or a cold and rain and sent to go. ford gained said. the first 3500 and
Apr 30, 2014 4:00am PDT
rather not see. maybe and necks and estranged family members. and in knowing the clintons are ready for current boss. well there's now a knack for that to treat you don't ever have to experience that again. >> this new free app called split want to summon you do not want to run to has entered your facility. it's basically like a social mac tracker. it helps to avoid them. the people you want to avoid. it works by gathering a user's existing contact information and social efforts mission of public social data from facebook twitter instagram and four square. the split users select people to avoid this ganz the area for these avoid. the app can also let users see who was hanging out with your avoid these. aken to you locations where your avoid these frequent to help you stay clear. it can alert to this and avoided person is attending an event you plan on attending. good or bad the split at right now is receiving a lot of votes. maybe it can become something that people use on a daily basis. dave slate kron4 news. >> revealed. this time with it's only 88 percent beef-- so whats in the o
Apr 26, 2014 7:00am PDT
is that are as a rite of 33 degrees starting to see if the '50s for glenn and clinton francisco and oakland trade as a tackle debts at a later picture was a clear conditions we do have high clouds and lime the coast. one thing you notice it is to try this morning. looking for dry conditions for most of the rest today. looking at possibilities for stray showers overnight. mainly for the north bay. as it to look at the next couple days today will see mid-60's inland valley '60s for the coaster or are talking about a warming trend as we head into next week. significantly hotter weather ahead on to win is a thursday. a hit the ice for the forecast a 45. >> : remy while still a hefty now helping court held for a drought. california brown sauce and an executive order more sense of how to stop well fires by streamlining room rules. >> : also speedup of water transport is help farmers. he first issue the drug- related executive order back in january and the forcing of storms provided small measure of relief. death as a dramatic rise in his upper and the u.s. trade >> : of people attended due to stop cell
Apr 25, 2014 8:00pm PDT
. >>> sharing the list with governor brown, john kerry and former secretary of state hillary clinton. terrell williams earned a spot. his biography is written by justin timberlake. but bedwron say sits on top of the -- beyonce sits on top of the category. she's on the cover. >>> a zoo has an unlikely new member. it's not quite a zebra and not quite a donkey. we'll explain. >>> and next -- new details surrounding the teen who survived more than five wheels inside the wheel well of an -- hours inside the wheel well of an airplane. >>> heavy rain in fairfield and concord right now. we'll take a look at how long the rain will last -- coming up. >>> new details tonight surrounding the somalian teenager from san jose who stowed away on a flight to hawaii in the wheel well of a plane. britain's daily mail has released photos of yahya abdi. he was trying to find his mother. now a mother claim to be his mother says the boy's father falsely told their children that she died in a rocket attack. she says her former husband remarried and took their children to the united states in 2006 which was the last
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7